Weed Scientist

Eliminating the competition. Weed Scientist

A degree in weed science can lead to a career in a number of fields.

Weed scientists teach, perform research, and work in extension at universities. Some work for state and federal agencies conducting research, enforcing weed laws, and developing regulations for biological and chemical control agents. Weed scientists also work for agricultural chemical firms in research, development, sales,marketing, and regulation. Some work in research, development, or regulation for private research firms. Others diagnose problems in the field or establish weed management systems for private crop management or consulting companies.

To work as a weed scientist in a greenhouse or in the field, you should be interested in weed science (including taxonomy and plant ecology), soil science, and agriculture. You will need a bachelor's degree in a field such as agronomy, horticulture, range science, or soil science. For a laboratory research career you will need a degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or plant physiology. You may need a graduate degree for some positions. To work in business, you should have an interest in sales, marketing, or economics and a bachelor's degree in business with emphasis on agribusiness or agricultural economics. You may need an M.B.A.

In high school, take chemistry, biology, math (algebra, trigonometry), speech, environmentalstudies (ecology), computer use, English grammar, technical writing, and typing. Summer experience in weed science will give you valuable background and insight.


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