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Stupendous science simply stated.Science Writer

Science writers must fit their writing styles to suit a variety of materials and audiences. They write news stories manuals, and press releases for non-profit and for-profit corporations. Their main job is to describe science without using scientific terms.

Science writers can work for newspapers writing science and technology stories, environmental stories, or business stories about science-based corporations. Some write for magazines that cover medicine, the environment, natural science, academics, or business. Some are hired by medical software companies, universities, and other research institutions. Manufacturers hire science writers to produce copy for public relations, direct mail, and newsletters.

To be a science writer you should be curious about the biological and physical world and able to communicate with enthusiasm. In college, you need a combination of strong English and writing courses and a science background. An undergraduate major such as biological science, environmental science, agricultural science, or microbiology combined with a minor in English or communications is good preparation.

In high school you might write or edit your school newspaper and participate in science fairs or out-of-school science and technology programs. Volunteer work with environmental organizations, jobs at scientific research or manufacturing companies, and extracurricular activities such as science clubs and 4-H also help.


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