Range Manager

Homes on the range for plants, animals, and people. Range Manager

Range managers care for our country's vast rangelands. From those lands, they produce a sustained yield of such things as plants for forage, wildlife for aesthetics and hunting, red meat, and clean water.

Range managers work for federal and state agencies, colleges and universities, private industry, environmental groups and on foreign assignments. Some range managers work for federal or state agencies, planning and directing public and private land use. Others are researchers, teachers, and extension agents with colleges and universities. Private industries hire range managers as ranch or land managers, agricultural product sales and service representatives, land reclamation specialists, and environmental consultants.

To be a range manager you need a bachelor's degree in range science, management, naturalresource management, or ecology. Take courses in range science, agronomy, animal sciences, biology, botany, chemistry, ecology, economics, forestry, hydrology, natural resource management, recreation, soils, statistics, and wildlife. You need a graduate degree if you plan to do research or to teach, and if you want to advance in some fields.

In high school, take courses in biology, chemistry, speech, English, math, and zoology. Experience in agriculture (4-H and FFA) is desirable.


Download an 8.5-inch x 11-inch, printable poster for Range Manager. (downloadable pdf format)
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