Where food, science and genetics meet for health. Nutritionist/Dietitian

Nutritionists/Dietitians help people look and feel well by making the connection between food, nutrition, and health. They can be healthcare workers, researchers, managers or educators. Dietitians are part of the healthcare team with doctors, nurses, or therapists to speed patients' recoveries. A nutritionist/dietitian is responsible for medical nutrition therapy for disease conditions, such as diabetes and kidney disease and preventative healthcare issues such as weight loss, cholesterol reduction and other diet-related concerns. Some nutritionist/dietitians counsel families, the elderly, pregnant women, children, and the disabled, while others direct experiments to find alternative foods or diet recommendations.

Nutritionists/dietitians can work in healthcare institutions, schools, cafeterias, restaurants, daycare centers, health and recreation clubs, government agencies, and food and pharmaceutical companies. Some teach in colleges, universities, or community or technical schools.

To be a nutritionist/dietitian you must enjoy working with people and have a strong interestin food and nutrition. You should be able to work independently to identify and solve problems. In college, your course of study will include biology, anatomy, and chemistry. Math, English, sociology, psychology, and business courses are also important. If you want to become a registered dietitian, you must complete an undergraduate American Dietetic Association accredited academic program and supervised practical experience, then pass the Registration Examination for Dietitians.

In high school, follow a college preparatory program. Take as many science and mathematics courses as possible; two years of chemistry is beneficial. Also take English and communications courses.


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