Cutting-edge science, nano-sized. Nanotechnologist

Nanotechnlogists can work in any scientific areas, including agriculture, medicine, engineering, and technology. They enjoy learning new things, working with cutting-edge science, and developing solutions to society's problems. They usually work in research and development in universities or industry. The emerging field of nanotechnology is exciting, because scientists havelearned that the properties of a material may be very different at the nano-scale than at the larger scale with which we normally work. These new properties allow novel and exciting applications.

Nanotechnologists work in universities, industrial research laboratories, and governmental agencies. University nanotechnologists teach and conduct research. They usually choose their own research topics and use nano-sized particles to help solve a particular problem. Increasingly, researchers are studying the environmental effects of nano-sized particles to make sure these new materials are safe. Industrial nanotechnologists study ways to develop smaller, stronger, and lighter materials. Government workers try to assess the need for regulations and the safety of nanotechnology currently in use. Nanotechnologists must communicate with many different people to stay informed about this new field.

To be a nanotechnologist, you should be an intensely curious person who enjoys facing a challenge and working on the cutting edge of science. You should be interested in applying basic science to an area that interests you. Currently, you need an advanced college degree to be a nanotechnologist, but people with bachelor's degrees may find positions as technicians. University, government, and industry research laboratories usually hire nanotechnologists with doctoral degrees.

In high school, take as much math and science as you can. This includes algebra, geometry,
and, if possible, calculus. Science classes that you should take include biology, chemistry,
and physics. Proficiency with computer software will help with data collection, analysis,
and reporting.


Download an 8.5-inch x 11-inch, printable poster for Nanotechnologist. (downloadable pdf format)
The second page of the download includes the career description above.



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