5th International Precision Agriculture Conference Abstracts

Center for Precision Agriculture at the University of Minnesota
Bloomington, MN
16-19 July 2000

Use of Remote Sensing Technology for Improved Crop Scouting
    (Greg Blumhoff & Chris J. Johannsen)
Nitrogen Management in Corn Using Site-Specific Crop Response Estimates from a Spatial
   Regression Model (Rodolfo Bongiovanni & James Lowenberg-DeBoer
Agricultural Cropland Anomaly Classification System for Use with Remote Sensing Data
   (Paul G. Carter & Chris J. Johannsen)
Detecting Agricultural Trends and Evaluating Remote Sensing for Precision Agriculture
   (Russell D. Cochran)
Agriculture Applications of Remote Sensing (Chris J. Johannsen, et al.)
Value of pH Soil Sensor Information (James Lowenberg-DeBoer & Alan Hallman)
Using GPS, GIS, and Remote Sensing as a Soil Mapping Tool (D. Keith Morris, et al.)
Spatial Precipitation Variability in the Choice of Nitrogen Fertilization Rates
   (Monte R. O'Neal, Jane R. Frankenberger, & Daniel R. Ess)
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