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Snakes of Indiana

By Brian MacGowan and Bruce Kingsbury

Released in 2001, Snakes of Indiana provides the reader with a 50-page guide to the snakes found in the Hoosier state. The four-color photos help the reader identify all 32 species. The book contains information about habitats, size, food sources, habits, common names, and endangered status. There are tips for managing snakes around homes and farmsteads, as well as information about three venomous snakes and their locations. "Snakes of Indiana" contains enough information to make it an interesting read for almost everyone.


Book: FNR-173

To purchase visit Purdue Extension, The Education Store, FNR-173.


Also, see Snakes of the Midwest (CD-FNR-3)

Released in 2004, this interactive CD will help you identify the snakes found in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. It contains information on identification, distribution and status, and ecology and behavior — as well as activities that meet the Indiana Science Standards for upper elementary students. The material contains lesson plans you can use and lots of colorful photos, crossword puzzles, and other games.


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