Stout Woods Nature Preserve
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Stout Woods is a recently dedicated Indiana Nature Preserve in Henry County, Indiana. This nature preserve showcases a pristine forest that looks very much like it did hundreds of years ago. Purdue University maintains the preserve as an important research area, exploring the dynamics of a healthy forest ecosystem.

In this web site, you'll find a Virtual Trail Hike that shows some of the attractions and dynamic processes found within the Stout Woods Nature Preserve. Explore Stout Woods from your own home or school computer!


Also featured is a self-contained Educational Curriculum. This curriculum is designed to provide educators and students an opportunity to visit one of Indiana's unique natural areas without ever leaving the classroom. It includes a variety of pre-visit activities, virtual field trip activities, and post-visit activities.

Educators can access pre- and post-visit activities that are ready to view and download as printable lesson plans and handouts. Students can access the virtual field trip activities, which are interactive, animated, and ready to play. These activities meet numerous criteria within the Indiana Department of Education's Academic Standards.


Background History and Ongoing Research Efforts at Stout Woods Nature Preserve can be obtained by clicking the "Information" button.


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