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CONVERT is a user-friendly, 32-bit Windows program that facilitates ready transfer of co-dominant, diploid genotypic data amongst commonly used population genetic software packages.  CONVERT reads input files in its own ‘standard' data format, easily produced from an Excel file of diploid, co-dominant marker data, and can convert these to the input formats of the following programs: GDA, GENEPOP, ARLEQUIN, POPGENE, MICROSAT, PHYLIP, and STRUCTURE.  CONVERT can also read input files in GENEPOP format.  In addition, CONVERT can produce a summary table of allele frequencies in which private alleles and the sample sizes at each locus are indicated.

CONVERT is distributed as a *.zip file archive.  Once you have downloaded (or opened) the '' archive via the link below, simply extract all the files to a folder of your choice (e.g., C:\ ... \CONVERT\  ) and it will then be ready to run.  Please consult the documentation file (CONVERT_help.doc) for detailed instructions on using CONVERT.

***BUG-FIX in version 1.31: In version 1.31 of CONVERT a bug has been fixed in regard to reading GENEPOP input data files. In the old version (1.3), a space between the name of each individual and the following comma was required, or else CONVERT would crash for no obvious reason – this space is no longer required in the new version of CONVERT (1.31).



Click here to download version 1.31 of CONVERT


DISLAIMER:  The program CONVERT is offerred AS IS with absolutely NO WARRANTY of any kind.


Please email me at if you have any questions, or would like to suggest additional input data formats to add to future versions of CONVERT.  If you are having problems getting CONVERT to read your data file (and you have read the relevant section of the documentation carefully!), I will be able to assist you more quickly if you attach your data file (in text and/or Excel format) to your email.


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