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Explore the World of Wood in Historic Preservation
Dr. Michael O.Hunt

Painting & Weathering

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Painting & Weathering

Yellow Poplar

Nondestructive Assessments




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Painting and Repainting

A pdf presentation by Dr. Hunt about effective methods of repainting wooden structures. It discusses research, case studies, problems, and recommendations for repair.

Keeping the Paint on your Historic Home

A collection of documents by Ronald Zmyslo discussing theory and practice of painting historic structures.

Paint Stripping Trials 3/2/07

A record of paint striping doneby Kevin and Jason Brubaker taken by Dr. Hunt

paint stripping

warping boards

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Paint Stripping

A pdf document by Dr. Hunt discussing various methods of removing paint and their effectiveness

Wood Properties Affecting Paint Performance

A pdf presentation by Dr. Dan Cassens that is an overview of the properties of wood that affect the viability of a painted surface.

Case Study: 602 N 5th St.

A description of a restoration done on this property.

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Caulk or not to Caulk

To Caulk or Not to Caulk

Siding decay

Using Silent Paint Remover

A wood repair and restoration using Silent Paint Remover to remove the paint build-up onthe front porch.

Re-siding addition to historic house.

Application of Pressure-Treated Yellow Poplar Siding

Yellow Poplar Problem/Opportunity

Today yellow poplar is mostly sapwood and subject to early decay.

Research: Use of wood in historic preservation

Graphs ANOVA analyzed performance characteristics over 8 years of weathering

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