• Volume 18 Number 2
    Spring 2009


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Spring 2009

2009 Spring Connections

07. Maggie Oster
        Author and gardening expert
  30. Joe Wilson
         Waste management executive
08. Harold Reetz
        High-tech agronomist
  31. Melissa Ashlock
         MD and medical researcher
09. Cruz Robledo
        Nursery owner
  32. John Doty
         Vineyard and winery owners
10. Steve Hood
        Wholesale greenhouse owners
  33. Kim Doty
         Vineyard and winery owners
11. Tina Hood
        Wholesale greenhouse owners
  34. Kim Hedrick
         Environmental compliance
12. Frank Crohn
        Retired insurance executive
  35. Randy Bellinger
        Owner of landscaping company
13. Lt. Gen. James Record
        Retired combat pilot,
        leadership consultant
  36. Scott Renshaw
        MD and assistant professor of
        clinical family medicine
14. Dale Butcher
        Ag educator
  37. Lee Schmidt
        Golf course designer
15. Kenda Resler Friend
        Corporate communicator
  38. Jim Anderson
         Owner, corn detasseling
16. Ron Rice
        Retired grocery executive
  39. Curtis Ross
        Owner of soil testing lab and ag
        consulting firm
17. Jeanne Vana
        Hawaiian farm owner
  40. Tom Kodiak
        Workforce analyst
18. Al Pell
       Agribusiness director, AgDay
  41. Chip Perfect
        Serial entrepreneur
19. Baltasar Ferreiro
        Coffee grower
  42. Barry Gutwein
        Project engineer
20. Larry Wettschurack
        Machinery manufacturers
  43. John Cleland
        High school biology teacher
21. Kathy Wettschurack
        Machinery manufacturers
  44. Ryan Howard
        Soydairy owner
22. Lori D. Leonard
  45. Tim Alexander
        Farmers and real estate
23. Julie Ramey
        Community relations manager
  46. Sue Alexander
        Farmers and real estate
24. Matt Moudy
        Food scientist
  47. Tamara Benjamin
        Professor of agroforestry
25. Les Frey
        Horticulturist, Epcot
  48. Tim Clark
        Energy efficiency consultant
26. Tim Richmond
  49. Scott Jamieson
        Tree company executive
27. Simeon Ehui
        World Bank senior staff
  50. Dave Cox
        Teachers and coaches
  51. Karen Cox
        Teachers and coaches
29. Terry Priebe
        Seed salesman
  52. John Janssen
        Farmer and tax specialist
    53. Col. Cindy Chastain
        National Guard Afghan team