• Volume 18 Number 2
    Spring 2009


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Maggie Oster,
BS ’71
 Starlight, Ind.  •  Profiled: Spring ’95

Author and gardening expert

Maggie Oster has more titles than a small library. This is a partial list: columnist, author, photographer, gardener, market farmer, bed-and-breakfast owner, businesswoman, lecturer … the list goes on. But Oster has reduced the list to its most common denominator.Maggie Oster

“At the core, I’m an educator,” she says.

Nine years ago she moved from her urban Louisville home, returning to the slice of heaven she knew while growing up: the 118-acre Rose Wind Farm. She built a home on the grounds using circa 1850 logs from her mother’s childhood home in New Albany, Ind.

But her passion continues to be gardening, and recruiting converts. “I want to help people learn about healthy, great-tasting food, whether home-grown or bought locally,” Oster says.

Promoting gardening is no different from promoting any other enterprise. Emerging technology dictates how the message is best delivered to the public.

“Obviously, there is a major paradigm shift going on in how people get their information,” Oster acknowledges. “The publishing world and writers are still in the learning stages of how best to reach people through the Internet — and make a living.”

Oster says she is working on several Web sites and blogs relating to gardening, cooking and agriculture.

But new technology or old ideas, the foundation of Oster’s life is the same today as it was in 1995.

“What gives me such personal satisfaction is that I haven’t strayed from what I passionately believed then. My way of affecting people and the world is through gardening. It makes life more beautiful and healthy. It affects people on so many different levels.”