• Volume 18 Number 2
    Spring 2009


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John Janssen, BS ’71
 Greensburg, Kan.  •  Profiled: Fall ’08

Farmer and tax specialist

All blame, eventually, is foisted upon the shoulders of our parents. John Janssen is no different.

“My parents both believed service was important. They were active in civic, religious and public service. I guess I blame them for my ‘career’ on water boards, city council and, eventually, being the mayor,” jokes the Kentland, Ind., native.

graphicIt’s been more than a year since Janssen stepped down as the mayor of Greensburg, a Kansas town all but blown off the face of the map by a category F5 tornado on May 4, 2007. And it’s difficult to say who has enjoyed that year more: Janssen; his wife and business partner, Lana; their son, Patrick; or the clients of their tax service.

“My wife loves my commitment to getting our house built,” Janssen reports. “The basement is in, and the main floor is under way.”

The Janssens put their personal life on the back burner when he became mayor to help Greensburg John Janssenrebuild in the aftermath of the tornado that killed 11 of the town’s 1,500 residents and destroyed 95 percent of the buildings in town.

Their accounting clients appreciate Janssen’s new focus on their tax issues.

“Life is good,” says Janssen. “My son even appreciates having a gofer around when he needs me.”