• Volume 18 Number 2
    Spring 2009


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Tim Clark, BS ’85
 Lafayette, Ind.  •  Profiled: Fall ’07

Energy efficiency consultant

Tim Clark knows that Purdue made him a better man, a better person.

And he tells people that, every chance he gets.

The first person from his western Pennsylvania family to earn a college degree, Clark has been spending a large portion of his time since graduating from Purdue in 1985 trying to help others.

Clark was recruited from Ligonier Valley High School in Pennsylvania in 1980 to be the kicker on the Purdue football team.

“As the first college graduate in my family, I have relatives, family members, friends, co-workers and acquaintances who look up to me,” Clark says.

“I get calls for advice, support and help in so many ways. If it were not for my experiences in college and my degree, I firmly believe this would not have ever been the case. I use my education each and every day of my life. I treasure all those who have taught me so many of life’s valuable lessons, and I hope to pass them on to others.”Tim Clark

Clark owns INTAC Management Group LLC, which helps clients become more cost conscious and energy efficient. And every August, when the annual Colt World Series baseball tournament rolls into Lafayette, Clark becomes an unofficial recruiter for Purdue.

He takes each of the 10 participating teams of 15- and 16-year-old players on a tour of campus. The highlight is Ross-Ade Stadium, where Clark performed as the team’s kicker for four seasons.

“I don’t have exact figures, but I know of at least 20 kids who have been to the World Series who have returned to get their education at Purdue,” Clark says. “They’ve enjoyed their stay in our community, liked what they saw in the university, and decided to come here to get their degrees.”

And is Clark now doing what he thought he would be doing as an underclassman back in the early ’80s? “You bet,” Clark rightfully boasts. “I’m helping others!”