• Volume 18 Number 2
    Spring 2009


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45. & 46.
Tim Alexander, BS ’79
Sue Alexander, BS ’79
 Winamac, Ind.  •  Profiled: Winter ’07

Farmers and real estate saleswoman

It’s difficult to imagine Tim Alexander without Sue (Hoffman) Alexander. TimandSue. It should be one word. After all, they went to high school together, graduated from Purdue together, and together they farm the very ground they grew up on near Winamac in north central Indiana.

Everything’s together, except the real estate business. That’s Sue’s alone. She got into selling homes years ago as a hedge against the volatile farm market.

“I looked for a niche to fulfill my need to contribute to the family income and found it as a real estate salesperson. It’s a perfect fit for me,” says Sue, who was the first recipient of the Indiana Women in Agriculture Award.

“Even with the economy as it is today and the increasing number of foreclosures, thankfully home sales and prices in Pulaski County have not seen the major declines we hear about in other areas.”

The voice of experience:  A Purdue Ag education means job security, because it provides a strong base to enable you to go into several related fields of the strongest and largest segment of our economy.  —  Tim Alexander