• Volume 18 Number 2
    Spring 2009


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Scott Renshaw, BS ’95
 Indianapolis  •  Profiled: Winter ’04

MD and assistant professor of clinical family medicine

Purdue helped Scott Renshaw grow as a student — he calls his Purdue Scott RenshawAgriculture degree “the springboard that prepared me for life. It led me into medicine and my brother into veterinary medicine. Purdue Agriculture opens so many doors and closes none.”

But it was his mother who forced him to grow as a person while he was an undergraduate on the West Lafayette campus.

“Branch out, Scott, force yourself to branch out,” she often told him. “She even sent me a picture of a tree,” he says. “Under the tree it said, ‘Are you branching out?’”

Renshaw started his college career at Vincennes University because he thought Purdue was just too big. “We only had 78 people in my graduating class at South Knox (High School). At Purdue, they have that many people in many of their classrooms.”

Now assistant director of the Family Medicine Clerkship program for the Indiana University School of Medicine,medical tool his primary interest is ensuring the availability of medical treatment to people who cannot afford it.

“My role is to focus on developing and maintaining new medically underserved clinical teaching sites for students who are interested in rural and/or underserved medicine,” he says.