• Volume 18 Number 2
    Spring 2009


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Joe Wilson, BS ’77
 Danville, Ind.  •  Profiled: Winter ’02

Waste management executive

Joe Wilson wanted to surround himself with great employees when he decided to start a new business recently. He didn’t have to look beyond the family dinner table to find his management team.

Wilson is the CEO of Bio-Response Solutions. He hired Joe Wilsonhis daughter, Sam, a 2007 Purdue grad with a degree in biology, as product manager. For company president, he chose his son, Luke, who spent three years at Purdue studying ag economics before earning a business degree at Indiana University.

“With our new company and 32 years of experience under my belt, and surrounded by Purdue-groomed talent, we are very successful in our niche business of biohazardous waste management systems for carcass disposal and effluent decontamination,” Wilson says.

The company, based near Indianapolis, specializes in the design, production and implementation of effluent decontamination systems for research laboratories.

Wilson earned his Purdue degree in forestry and natural resources. And he still feels that the academic curriculum forced him to become well rounded enough to succeed in any area, even if he could not get a job as a forest ranger upon graduation.

“While the concentration was on forestry, I felt prepared to interface with anyone and do anything I wanted to do,” he says. “That is the most amazing thing to me, still today, how I never seemed to lack necessary skills in any area.

“I came out of Purdue with a strong science education, and today I am adept at business, finance, planning, microbiology, materials compatibility, chemistry, biology, soils, fertilization, sewage treatment, and environmental impact/compatibility.

“I am certain that a diploma with ‘Purdue’ on the top of it is more valuable than one with any other school’s name on it, and therein lies the certification of the education you get at Purdue.”

Wilson is so convincing when he promotes the value of a Purdue education that his youngest daughter, Chelsea, 17, is planning to enroll at Purdue next year, even though her ambition is to become a medical doctor.

And who knows, maybe someday Wilson will need an M.D. to help him run Bio-Response Solutions, too.