• Volume 18 Number 2
    Spring 2009


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27. & 28.
Simeon Ehui, MS ’83, PhD ’87
Mamou Ehui, MS ’85, PhD ’89
 Abuja, Nigeria; Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire; and Alexandria, Va.  •  Profiled: Summer ’01

Simeon Ehui
World Bank senior staff

Mamou Ehui

Adviser to World Bank executive

The current decade has been an exciting and busy one for Simeon and Mamou (Kouyate) Ehui (pronounced EH whey).

In 2003, Simeon left his job as coordinator of the livestock policy analysis program at the International Livestock Research Institute in Ethiopia to join the World Bank as sector leader for sustainable development. He is based in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.

“Part of my job includes identifying new business opportunities for the World Bank and Nigeria for alleviating poverty. I do frequent travel between Washington and Abuja, but I am looking forward to rejoining my family in Alexandria this year.”

Mamou also switched jobs during the decade. “I took my present job on July 2, 2007, as adviser to the executive director for the World Bank in charge of 24 francophone African countries.

It’s a high-profile job, but also challenging,” she reports. “The work consists of analyzing and preparing briefs and statements for the executive director on various projects and loans.”

Mamou joined the World Bank after her native country of Côte d’Ivoire requested that she join the Ministry of Economy and Finance as deputy director general of the economy. She held that post for three years.

In addition to her responsibilities with the World Bank and raising two children (Marie, 12, and Jeanne-Mariam, 5), Mamou has an unofficial title as ambassador for Purdue.coins

“There are two students who went to Purdue because I was able to convince them to do so,” she says. “For students who want a career in economic development, I always say Purdue is the best school, particularly the Department of Agricultural Economics. It offers the best quality of professors and curriculum.”

The voice of experience: With my PhD degree from Purdue, I do not see any economic development job that could defeat me. I see a Purdue degree as a passport that helped me open many doors.  —  Mamou Ehui