• Volume 18 Number 2
    Spring 2009


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Lori D. Leonard, BS 79
 Concord, Va.  •  Profiled: Summer 99


Its been 30 years since Lori D. Leonard was an undergraduate student at Purdue. But listening to her makes it seem like yesterday.

My exposure to many rich experiences at Purdue University continues to Lori Leonardbe a source of great memories for me, says Leonard, owner and operator of Concord Veterinary Services near Lynchburg, Va.

At Purdue, I was allowed to pursue my dreams. There was no limit. My opinions mattered, and I was respected as an individual. From Block P to Agronomy Club, from the International Center to working in Rita Barrs lab to typing news stories for the Purdue Exponent into a machine that produced a yellow paper strip of punched holes my experiences were rewarding.

I milked cows at the vet school as a part-time job and assisted in research with Drs. Geddes and Thacker. It was hoped that the research team would design an implantable defibrillator, which, at the time, was just a dream and had never been done. Where else but Purdue could I have been the recipient of such awesome learning?

Leonard is still learning: She recently completed an advanced veterinary homeopathy course in the United Kingdom.

But its doubtful Leonard left the U.K. calling her instructors by first name, as she does with her Purdue instructors.

The professors went by their first names, not by their titles. There was Chuck (Rhykerd), Jim (Ahlrichs), Eldon (Hood), Jack (Long), Rudy (Hilst), Ron (Cantrell), George (Van Scoyoc), John (Roberts), Jim (Vorst), Fred (Patterson), Bill (McFee), Jim (Ohlrogge), and Vic (Lechtenberg), to name just a few.

I dont know of another place where one would find such a talented faculty. Their passion for their chosen fields helped stimulate others to, in turn, be excited. I received a well-rounded exposure to subject matter, which prepared me nicely not only for a job but for life, too. When I needed someone to talk to, Purdue Ag faculty were there. When I had a celebration, Purdue Ag faculty were there! From my Purdue experience, I too became energized about various pursuits.

I was exposed to so much about life teamwork, diversity, working hard and having fun. There were no restrictions on learning, growing, experiencing and living.