• Volume 18 Number 2
    Spring 2009


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Baltasar Ferreiro, BS ’71
 San Salvador, El Salvador  •  Profiled: Winter ’99

Coffee grower
Baltasar Ferreiro

Coffee isn’t the only thing Baltasar Ferreiro is brewing on his plantation in Central America.

“We have entered into areas more diverse than agriculture itself. Agritourism and renewable energy, to mention a few,” says Ferreiro, a third-generation coffee grower.

And while the look of the Ferreiro family plantation is ever evolving, Ferreiro’s beliefs have held steadfast.

“God, goal setting, attitude, determination, innovation and speed-reading are my principles. They are applicable at any stage in your life,” he said in his profile in 1999 and still believes that today.

His voracious appetite for reading has helped him find the solutions to business problems, allowing him to remain competitive in a global market. A little marketing savvy hasn’t hurt, either.

For example, he boasts that Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush are satisfied consumers of his coffee. Ferreiro sent his coffee and a letter to the Clinton coffee mugWhite House in 1999 “as a token of gratitude to you and your country, for all the good teachings I received while attending Purdue University.”

His other principles allow him to deal with the one element he knows he can count on in agriculture: its very unpredictability.

“There are external things we cannot control, like tornadoes, earthquakes and political turmoil. But the only constant thing, as I see it and experience it, is change. Change is the constant.”

The voice of experience: The fundamental principles for your life are enhanced or set in place for you at Purdue. For me, those were enthusiasm, goal setting and achievement, leadership, and an iron determination to have unbendable moral and ethical rules. And never, never give up. —  Baltasar Ferreiro