• Volume 18 Number 2
    Spring 2009


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Kenda Resler Friend, BA ’90, MS '91
 Indianapolis  •  Profiled: Winter ’97

Corporate communicator

Kenda Resler rose to the rank of vice president in the advertising firm of CMF&Z before leaving the company in 2001 for a job with Dow AgroSciences.Kenda Resler Friend

Now she has a husband, two children, and, according to her, a prime job at Dow AgroSciences — corporate communications leader.

“I believe I have the best job in this $4.5 billion company,” she says. “It is my role to help the CEO and his executive team effectively communicate with many different stakeholders. It gives me an amazing view of this global crop protection and biotechnology company.”

Her job also affords Resler Friend a front-row seat to the ever-changing technology of agriculture.

“The science and technology of agriculture today is amazing,” she says. “Back in my Purdue days, I knew that I would have a career that somehow linked writing with agriculture, but I never dreamed I’d be so lucky to have a job working for a global company in my home state.”