Life on the Farm
Not So Simple Anymore

Running a farm or agribusiness is more complicated today than it was a generation ago. And this complexity has led to a need for lawyers who specialize in agriculture and the environment. Purdue Agriculture graduates fill this growing niche in the law.

A Breed Apart

Plant breeders are a rare commodity as enrollment in crop science programs is on the decline nationwide. Purdue Agriculture and corporate partners have joined forces to support a graduate program that is preparing the next generation of crop improvement scientists.

Dining with Diabetes a Tasteful Experience

Nearly 10 percent of Indiana's adult population has type 2 diabetes, and thousands more are undiagnosed or at risk. Purdue Extension educators help Hoosiers lessen the health risks by demonstrating how to make nutritious meals that still taste great.

Common Denominators

Purdue food scientists and engineers are combining their research expertise to design new technologies that detect foodborne pathogens. Through collaboration with the USDA they're developing devices to handle real-world scenarios in food safety.

New Beginnings

Fall semester welcomed 479 College of Agriculture freshmen from 25 states and 11 nations. Meet students who closed out stellar high school careers and started new chapters in their academic journeys.


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Letter from the Dean
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Takes On A Topic
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