A Culture of Leadership
Leadership has long been fundamental in Purdue Agriculture. Faculty and staff step up to address society’s challenges, prepare students to take leadership roles and help emerging leaders within their own ranks.


It’s Not Just About Animals
Advances in science help researchers improve animal well-being and human health and nutrition. In addition to benefitting livestock production, animal models are providing insights into human obesity-related problems such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Morale Boosters
More than a million men and women are on active military duty, and stress levels can run high for them and their families. The Department of Defense and the Cooperative Extension Service have joined forces to deliver support services to those on the home front.

Outreach Program Lets Kids Know They’re Heroes, too

Follow our Leaders
Purdue Agriculture’s student leaders come from all walks of life and many different majors. What they have in common is a desire to become more effective leaders. The Leadership Development Certificate Program helps guide them through their personal journey.

Building Communities by Building Community Leaders
City and county-based leadership programs throughout Indiana teach citizens valuable skills in teamwork, communication and problem-solving. Residents who step up gain skills and connections, but their communities reap even greater benefits.
Janet Ayres

From Gale Force to Fair Winds
Whether or not a piece of land is developed or conserved is one example of an issue that can evoke strong opinions and emotions. Purdue Extension leadership programs are helping communities work toward consensus on public issues that divide them.

Leadership Profiles

Real-World Challenges Leadership All-Star
Taking the Reins  
Agriculture's Ambassador  


Letter from the Dean
Purdue Agriculture - leasdership steeped in tradition

Takes On A Topic
Learning to lead in the global arena



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