Second chances
Higher education in Afghanistan was at a standstill from years of civil war and Taliban rule. Kabul University professors who survived this tumultuous period are making up for lost time.

Purdue precedent

Food scientists cook up business opportunities
Researchers are discovering new ways to improve food safety and develop products. Success in the laboratory is the first stage of growth for Indiana’s food manufacturing economy.

Destruction and renewal
A 2004 fire that destroyed Purdue’s aquaculture facility also destroyed years of research. Undaunted, faculty and students kept the program alive during the challenging rebuilding process.

Not your average summer job
Capitol Hill, Cabinet officials and congressional hearings—they were all in a day’s work for Purdue Agriculture students who landed prestigious Washington, D.C. internships.

Purdue University's 2006 Washington, D.C. interns

Scholarship program supports public policy internships

No county left behind?
The education level of adults in most Indiana counties lags behind the national average. But counties that rank well above this mark may be a model to help the rest of the state catch up.

WIRED for performance

Takes on a topic: Interest in bioenergy steams ahead

Will bioenergy be a boom or bust for Hoosiers?


Purdue Extension gets Hoosiers moving

Hunger in a land of plenty

Online matchmaking for careers

Tough turf

Media turn to Purdue for expertise

Rodent's evolution a genetic puzzle

Bull market for ag grads

New roots for biofuels

High honors

Weather-wise Web site

Horse sense

Smallpox trigger holds secret to defense

New leadership for international programs

Stellar students

Designing a winner  


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