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Winter 2002

Science on six legs
By Beth Forbes

Image: Tom Turpin
Image: Kaycee Hensley and Sayuri Hayakawa
Clad in a top hat and tails, Purdue entomologist Tom Turpin spins a tale about insects to elementary school students at Insectaganza, an annual event sponsored by the Department of Entomology. Fifth-graders Kaycee Hensley (left) and Sayuri Hayakawa appear less-than-eager at the prospect of dissecting a grasshopper.
(Photos by Tom Campbell)

More than 1,300 fifth-graders from 22 schools participated in "Science on Six Leg--An Insectaganza of Education" in October on the Purdue campus. Sponsored by the Department of Entomology, the day-long event provided a variety of activities, including:

  • insect dissection, with students paired to work as a team to dissect a grasshopper.
  • quiz bowl, a friendly competition between schools to test insect knowledge.
  • presentations on insect biology and how insects have been viewed over the years in popular culture and literature.
Because Insectaganza coincided with Purdue's fall break, many Purdue students from the Insects Friend and Foe course volunteered to help with the event.

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