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Spotlight   | Summer 2012

New high-tech center helps students

Purdue University opened the new ADM Agricultural Innovation Center in January, providing greater laboratory and classroom experiences for students in the university's top-rated Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

students standing in the ADM building beside large tractors
Purdue ABE alumnus Joe Miller, from left, and students J.T. Welte, Daniel Skelton and Ashley Johnson participated in the January dedication of the ADM Agricultural Innovation Center.

The $4.2 million, 27,000-square-foot center was built with a $1.5 million contribution from Archer Daniels Midland Co. in 2011. ADM is a long-standing partner with Purdue in educating ABE and agricultural systems management students.

In the center, students use the largest tractors, combines and other agricultural machinery to better understand the operation of the equipment and its components, document performance and improve designs. Equipment considered small by today's standards did not fit in the previous shop, a small outdated building.

The space includes classrooms where students can interact in small groups, using computers, LCD panels and writable walls so they can complete assignments and develop designs. They can then build equipment in the shop area.

"The facility provides a broad range of experiences and opportunities for students all in one place," said department head Bernard Engel.

By Keith Robinson


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