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Spotlight   | Summer 2012

Ag major brings can-do attitude to student government presidency

Joe Rust
Joe Rust

Joe Rust, a sophomore agribusiness management major from Seymour, Ind., has been elected Purdue University Student Government president for the 2012-13 academic year. Rust is among the many Purdue College of Agriculture students involved in both agriculture and campus-wide leadership positions.

As a member of the Presidential Leadership Class his freshman year, Rust was inspired by the idea of creating lasting change through leadership. Not satisfied to let the momentum die when the class was over, Rust and good friend Alec Green created a new Leadership Learning Community, which debuted this past academic year with members housed in Wiley Hall. Rust helped make a change that is likely to last.

Rust says his biggest hope for his presidential term is to strengthen the connections among students on campus. Bringing 40,000 students together may not be possible, he says, but more unity will create a lasting and better experience for all.

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