Purdue, Plants and Pioneers
Plant specimens in Purdue’s herbaria tell stories of plant life around the world. They also speak volumes about U.S. and world history. Among the collection are plants from George Armstrong Custer’s exploration of the Black Hills and Captain James Cook’s first voyage around the world.
See the Forest for the Trees
Indiana has more forestland—4.7 million acres—today than it did two decades ago. But with 85 percent in private hands, sustaining our forests requires vigilance from landowners. Purdue Extension is helping woodland owners make management decisions to keep Indiana forests healthy and profitable.
Creating a Nexus for Cancer Detection
Cancer researcher Andy Tao has had personal brushes with the disease, including the death of his Purdue mentor, Harry Weiner. His research is leading to early detection of biochemical processes that precede cancer-cell formation.
In This Together
Learning communities that group students together by career interests help them successfully make the transition from high school to college. When students connect with each other, they tend to stay in school, do better academically and leave with a degree.
Step Right Up!
Purdue Agriculture’s traveling “road show” takes science education to museums around the country. The interactive exhibits entertain and educate visitors of all ages on topics from the importance of calcium for strong bones to how the treatment of animals influences human medicine.


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