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Spotlights   | Summer 2011

Innovative ideas for corn and soybeans

team members who developed an all natural denture cream adhesive
Team members who developed an all-natural denture cream adhesive took the top prize in the Student Soybean Innovation Contest. They are, from left, Manaz Taleyarkhan, Ankit Gupta, David Barron and Alvin Ang.

Teams of Purdue University students who developed a soy-based denture adhesive and a liquid bandage out of corn have won the top prizes in the annual Student Soybean and Corn Innovation contests.

The competitions, sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Alliance and the Indiana Corn Marketing Council, teach students how to be innovative entrepreneurs with soybeans and corn.

Some products in previous contest years have led to commercial development and further research. Soy crayons, for example, are available in stores under the Prang brand, and a soy pharmaceutical excipient (a substance used to dilute drugs) is undergoing full-scale university research.

Team members who developed Dentural, the first-place entry in the soybean contest, presented an all-natural adhesive for full dentures. The product is a paste consisting of soy products that forms a vacuum to keep dentures in place.

Team leader Alvin Ang of Malaysia said the group chose to develop Dentural after learning that other denture creams contain zinc, which raises health concerns. One dentist already is interested in the product.

The team will share a cash award of $20,000. Other members are Manaz Taleyarkhan of Lafayette; David Barron of Saline, Mich.; and Ankit Gupta of Carmel.

liquid bandage team
The team that developed a liquid bandage won first place in the Student Corn Innovation Contest. Team members are, from left, Andrew Furrow, Ann Alvar and Robert Agee.

Students who created the Natural Renewal Liquid Bandage out of corn used the ethanol-production waste product zein as the main component. Zein acts as a physical defense for wounds and binds to the skin's surface. Students used ethyl alcohol made from corn to act as an antiseptic until the solvent evaporates.

Team members, who also received a $20,000 prize, are team leader Robert Agee of Rushville, Andrew Furrow of Greenwood, Ann Alvar of Zionsville and Yang Zhou of West Lafayette.

Other innovations entered in the contest included a food additive that provides fiber and protein to children while enhancing flavor, an antimicrobial surface protector, drop ceiling tiles made from corn stover and a hot glue stick.


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