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Summer 2000

Virus picture

Bigger not always better
Releasing transgenic fish into the wild could damage native populations to the point of extinction.

Biochemistry on a microchip
A Purdue research team creates a microchip that may help scientists sort through a vast library of biochemicals.

Learning to Drive Rite
Community Systemwide Response launches a statewide effort to reduce teen driving accidents, the leading cause of death in teens 15-19.

Exotic invaders
Purdue researchers work to save native species and maintain biodiversity in our environment.

Home safe home
Purdue Extension helps Indiana residents identify and reduce the risks of pollutants found in and around the home.

Grain and livestock contracting

Financial tips for consumers

Snack food inventors

Turf care for soccer fields

Professors visit Indiana schools

Tourists rate Hoosier parks

Web site aids farmers

Video auctions boost profits

Soybeans on space shuttle


Message from the Dean
The role of federal funds in scientific research

Consumer acceptance of biotechnology



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