New Hope for African Farmers

Native Ethiopian Gebisa Ejeta received the 2009 World Food Prize for his efforts to develop drought- and Striga-resistant sorghum hybrids.

Ag students

More Than One Route to Purdue Agriculture

Indiana students who want to earn a Purdue Agriculture degree have a new option. In the Pathway Program, a venture between Purdue Agriculture and Ivy Tech-Lafayette, students take courses at both institutions simultaneously.



Victory for Community Gardens

Victory gardens are making a comeback from the White House to small towns. Purdue Extension is helping revive the gardens as community projects to supply food pantries.

Nick Carpita & Maureen McCann


No Carbon Left Behind

Scientists continue to discover and refine methods of creating biofuels. Purdue researchers are developing new methods of biofuel production using plant biomass.

shop owners


Small Farms, Big Opportunities

Businesses and restaurants that buy directly from farmers are becoming more prevalent. Purdue Extension’s Small Farms Team has developed a curriculum to help these entrepreneurs succeed.

Capitol Bldg.


A Climate of Change

Purdue agricultural economists say that pending climate change legislation in Congress could increase agricultural input costs and lower net farm incomes.


Migratory birds not picky about their rest stops

Breaking the yield barrier

Study shows how land-use changes affect U.S. climate

A joint venture for the life sciences

New insight into Alzheimer's

Device ensures food is bacteria free

The bounty of Omega-3's

Cattle boom coming to the Midwest?

Internships—new jobs of choice

Turning parking spots into parks

Letter from the Dean

Innovations in Agriculture Solving Global Problems

Takes on a Topic

Purdue Agriculture ~ People, Purpose, Impact


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