Growing pains
Food science researchers are focusing on improved technology to reduce contamination of fresh fruits and vegetables and promote global standardized agricultural practices.


Dismal science?
Economics education is a lot more exciting than it used to be, thanks to programs that use modeling clay, a puppet dog, music, children's literature and mock investment portfolios.

lady at computer

Learning a new language of life
Through the emerging science of epigenetics, researchers are learning more about the biochemical processes that flip genetic switches on or off.


From seed to power plant
Purdue University researchers are helping to improve biofuel technology, reduce environmental impact and analyze economic policy—factors crucial to the success of this source of alternative energy.

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Buyer's market
Veteran farmers and new entrepreneurs and catering to specialized consumer markets, refining business and marketing strategies to make the most of new opportunities.

Web site links producers to consumers and new market opportunities


Dean of agriculture named provost

The evolution of RNA

Loss of production booster could boost prices instead

The beat of butterfly wings

High gas prices fuel on-farm thefts

Poplars to clean up environmental waste

Survival tips for sudden income loss

Detecting cellular clues for cancer

New scholarships reward top students

Gene guards grain-producing grasses


Dean's Message Takes on a Topic




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