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Spotlight   |  Spring 2006

Morris to expand diversity programming

Pamala Morris

Purdue Agriculture has named Pamala Morris to a new position as assistant dean of Purdue Agriculture and director of diversity programs.

Morris will develop and administer multicultural and gender-based programs designed to enhance diversity and provide a supportive environment for students, faculty and staff in Purdue Agriculture. She also will work to increase diversity representation among these groups. “We are committed to building awareness of diversity issues within Purdue Agriculture,” says Randy Woodson, Glenn W. Sample Dean of Agriculture. “We recognize that everyone benefits from a climate that fosters and values diversity.”

Morris, an associate professor of youth development and agricultural education, has coordinated diversity programming for Purdue Extension since 1995. She works with Purdue Extension educators throughout the state on diversity awareness issues and develops programs that serve underrepresented audiences.

“Our vision is to create a culture of inclusion and provide a welcoming environment where everyone is respected and valued for their contributions,” Morris says. “Creating this inviting atmosphere is essential to recruiting and retaining faculty, staff and students who contribute to Purdue's diversity.”

Morris will build upon diversity and gender programs already in place. Purdue Agriculture , the College of Engineering and the College of Science jointly co-sponsor annual forums for faculty and staff on gender issues and diversity. Additionally, Purdue Agriculture offers multicultural programs and services for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as high school students.



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