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Spotlight   |  Spring 2006

The beans about soy production

A new Purdue University Web site spills the beans about Indiana's top legume.

Cool Bean provides soybean growers with a clearinghouse of information about the row crop. “Cool Bean covers all facets of soybean production within Indiana and the Eastern Soybean Belt,” says Shawn Conley, Purdue Extension soybean specialist and the Web site's creator. “The site has a searchable database where users can find information on all subjects related to soybeans, whether it be in weed science, entomology, plant pathology or crop production.”

Cool Bean contains links to soybean rust resources, a soybean expert list, research data and numerous contacts in the Department of Agronomy. “We're trying to provide an all-inclusive Web site for the soybean grower,” Conley says.




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