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Spotlight   |  Spring 2006

A seat in the boardroom

Rachel Cumberbatch

Purdue University News Service

Rachel Cumberbatch wants to be able to sum up her Purdue University experience in one word:

involved. She's off to a good start. She's been an ambassador for the Department of Animal Sciences and a member of the President's Leadership Class and Boiler Volunteer Network. And she now serves on the Purdue Board of Trustees.

Cumberbatch, an animal sciences major from Lebanon , Ind. , was appointed student representative to the board of trustees by Gov. Mitch Daniels. “This was something that I really wanted to become involved in,” says Cumberbatch, who began preparing for the lengthy application and interview process more than a year ago.

Cumberbatch serves on two committees: academic affairs and physical facilities. Keeping up with a busy board agenda, she attends forums, such as the one on Purdue's non-smoking policy, and spends a lot of time reading. “You're expected to know the issues,” she says.

Cumberbatch doesn't plan on changing her activity load anytime soon. “I'll end up doing more of this in the future,” she says. “ I enjoy leadership.”



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