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A vs. An
Active vs. Passive Voice
Adapt vs. Adopt
Advice vs. Advise
Adviser vs. Advisor

Affect vs. Effect
A Lot vs. Alot
All Together vs. Altogether
Amount of vs. Number of
Apart vs. A Part
Apprise vs. Appraise
As vs. Since vs. Because
Anyone vs. Any One
Anytime vs. any time

Because of vs. Due to
Between vs. Among
Born vs. Borne

Can vs. May
Can vs. May
Capital vs. Lower Case in Titles
Capital vs. Capitol
Capitalization after colons vs. lower case after colons

Childish vs. Childlike
Complementary vs. Complimentary
Continually vs. Continuously
Currently vs. Presently

Datum vs. Data
Diffuse vs. Defuse
Discrete vs. Discreet

Each Other vs. One Another
Economical vs. Economic
Everyday vs. Every Day

Farther vs. Further
(Feel) Badly vs. (Feel) Bad
Flier vs. Flyer

Good vs. Well

Historic vs. historical
Honing vs. Homing (in on)

I vs. Me
I vs. Me, Two
I was vs. I were
Imply vs. Infer
Importantly vs. Important (at the Beginning of a Sentence)
i.e. vs. e.g.
Incredulous vs. Incredible
Inside vs. Outside Quotation Marks
Insure vs. Ensure vs. Assure
Into vs. In To
Its vs. It's

Joint vs. Individual Possession

Lay vs. Lie
Lead vs. Led

Less vs. Fewer
Like vs. As

May vs. Might
Me vs. Myself
Misplaced vs. Well-Placed Modifiers
Moral vs. Morale
Muster vs. Mustard
Mute vs. Moot (Point)

On vs. upon
Or vs. Nor

Peek vs. Peak
Percent vs. Percentage
Perspective vs. Prospective
Pique vs. Peak
Pore vs. Pour
Prefixes vs. Suffixes
Prevent vs.Avoid
Primer vs. Primer
Principal vs. Principle
Purposely vs. Purposefully

Recurring vs. Reoccurring
Regardless vs. Irregardless
Reticent vs. Hesitant 

Sensuous vs. Sensual
Shall vs.Will
Sight vs. Site vs. Cite
Simple vs. Simplistic
South vs. south
Staff is vs. staff are (or, verbs for collective nouns)

Stationery vs. Stationary

Tact vs. Tack
That vs. Which
That vs. Who
Their, They, Them vs. His, He, Him

Titled vs. Entitled
Toward vs. Towards
Transitive vs. Intransitive Verbs

Underway vs. Under Way
Uninterested vs. Disinterested
Use vs. Utilize

Weather vs. Whether
Whether vs.If
Who vs. Whom
Whose vs. Who's

Your vs. You're

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