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1999 On Target

December/ January

(Combined issue)

  • Better Late Than Never?
  • Super Newsletters: Types of Newsletter Articles
  • One-Sentence Paragraphs?!?!?
  • Audience Analysis: You Talkin' to Me?
  • Grammar Trap: Economical vs. Economic


  • Super Newsletters: Writing to Communicate
  • E-Commerce -- Letting Electrons Do the Walking
  • Fast-Finger Directory
  • Grammar Trap: Datum vs. Data


  • Super Newsletters: The Seven Cs
  • Get Your Money's Worth at Tradeshows
  • Be Copyright Savvy When Creating Web Sites
  • Grammar Trap: Can vs. May


  • Voicemail MESSAGES
  • E-Zines & Value Added
  • Giveaways Good as Gold
  • Grammar Trap: Tact vs. Tack


  • Postmortems Mean Better Products
  • Cool the Anger in Summer Phone Calls
  • Micromanage Microcontent
  • Grammar Trap: Use vs. Utilize


  • "Knowledge to Go" Lean & Mean Style Guide
  • Promotion Pays
  • Web Primer for Those Who Want It
  • Grammar Trap: Primer vs. Primer


  • Judging Videos & Photos: Part 1--Technical Criteria
  • Courseware 101
  • "Knowledge to Go" Marketing Menu
  • Grammar Trap: That vs. Who


  • Give Your Proposal an Edge
  • Two Extension & E-Mail Success Stories
  • TV Interview Tips & Etiquette
  • Grammar Trap: Apprise vs. Appraise


  • Getting Quoted, the Right Way
  • Judging Photos & Videos: Part 2--Creative Criteria
  • Presentations to Go
  • Grammar Trap: Uninterested vs. Disinterested


  • If the Call's a Crisis
  • Digital Camera Considerations
  • Copyrights & Reminders
  • Grammar Trap: Simple vs. Simplistic


  • A Note from the "On Target" Team
  • What Are Plug-Ins?
  • E-Mail Identity
  • 3 Ways to Grab Your Audience's Attention
  • Grammar Trap: South vs. south