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1998 On Target

December/ January

(Combined issue)

  • Super Newsletters Part III: Typographical Dos and Don'ts
  • New & Revised Purdue Ag Web Sites
  • Would You Like Art with That?
  • Picture Perfect: Phase One
  • Grammar Trap: Currently vs. Presently


  • Super Newsletters, Part IV(a): Great Graphics
  • Plagiarism Seminar on Campus
  • Defusing Discussions
  • Media Relations Tip: Reporters Run the Gamut
  • Grammar Trap: Joint vs. Individual Possession


  • We're Having Technical Difficulties
  • Super Newsletters, Part IV(b): Great Graphics
  • Four Myths About Presentations
  • Risk Communication: Take Steps to Mitigate Outrage
  • Grammar Trap: Complementary vs. Complimentary


  • We're STILL Having Technical Difficulties!
  • Super Newsletters: Dollar Bill Rule for Great Graphics
  • When Does Your Information Add Up to News?
  • Counties Count in Marketing
  • Grammar Trap: Farther vs. Further


  • Market While We Work
  • Super Newsletters: White Space Isn't Wasted Space
  • Working with Your Video Graphic Designer
  • Grammar Trap: Capital vs. Lower Case in Titles


  • Instructional Design: Part I--An Overview
  • Super Newsletters: Logos as Graphic Elements
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Grammar Trap: Its vs. It's


  • Instructional Design: Part II--Needs Assessments & Assessing Learner Characteristics
  • Oh, Say, Can You See? (An NETC Nugget)
  • Super Newsletters: Resources
  • Grammar Trap: Diffuse vs. Defuse


  • Instructional Design: Part III--Instructional Goal & Content Analysis
  • Super Newsletter: Protecting Copyrights
  • Difficult People: Know Who You're Dealing With
  • Grammar Trap: Sight vs. Site vs. Cite


  • Instructional Design: Part IV--Performance Objectives & Learning Materials
  • Super Newsletters: Free Art
  • Focus Early on Your Message
  • Grammar Trap: Anyone vs. Any One



  • A Reader Asks for More
  • Super Newsletters: Give Readers What They Want
  • Virtual Meeting Works for Two Educators
  • Grammar Trap: Underway vs. Under Way


  • From the "On Target" Team
  • Super Newsletters: Generating Story Ideas
  • Unloading E-mail Overload
  • When Your Words Are on Display
  • Grammar Trap: (Feel) Badly vs. (Feel) Bad

December/ January

(Combined issue)

  • Better Late Than Never?
  • Super Newsletters: Types of Newsletter Articles
  • One-Sentence Paragraphs?!?!?
  • Audience Analysis: You Talkin' to Me?
  • Grammar Trap: Economical vs. Economic