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1997 On Target


  • Grammar Trap: Imply vs. Infer
  • Control Your Calls
  • Take Voice Mail to the Max
  • Market Your Program Via Video


  • "Screen" Your Writing: Composing on a Computer
  • Grammar Trap: i.e. vs. e.g.
  • EMI On-Line
  • Writing Help on the Web


  • "Screen" Your Writing: Writing for the Computer Screen
  • Editing Your Own Words
  • Your Appearance and Image on TV: Part I
  • Grammar Trap: Active vs. Passive Voice


  • And the "Winners" Are
  • Nonverbal Communication: Part I
  • Your Appearance and Image on TV: Part II
  • Credit Your Campus Partners
  • Grammar Trap: As vs. Since vs. Because


  • And the Survey Says
  • Nonverbal Communication: Part II
  • Radio Rules
  • Grammar Trap: Less vs. Fewer


  • What to Write When Your Number Comes Up
  • Some Cellular Etiquette Tips
  • Spam Attack: Part I
  • Grammar Trap: Into vs. In To


  • From the "On Target" Team
  • Non-Sexist Language Tips
  • Getting Video Footage from TV
  • Choosing and Using Electronic Graphics for Print
  • Grammar Trap: Principal vs. Principle


  • Working with the Media
  • How to Cite Web Sites: Part I
  • Be a "Web'ster"!
  • Spam Attack: Part II
  • Grammar Trap: Or vs. Nor


  • Help Us Help You
  • Controversial Issues: Questions & Strategies
  • How to Cite Web Sites: Part II
  • Simple Is Better--Less Is Best
  • Grammar Trap: Insure vs. Ensure vs. Assure


  • Super Newsletters: Part I
  • Make Email Work for You
  • An Internet-Research Map
  • A Simple PR Test
  • Grammar Trap: Adapt vs. Adopt


  • Holiday Break
  • Super Newsletters, Part II: The Seven Cs
  • Savvy Tape Storage
  • Four Factors for Fair Use
  • Focus on the Web
  • Grammar Trap: Inside vs. Outside Quotation Marks

December/ January

(Combined issue)

  • Super Newsletters Part III: Typographical Dos and Don'ts
  • New & Revised Purdue Ag Web Sites
  • Would You Like Art with That?
  • Picture Perfect: Phase One
  • Grammar Trap: Currently vs. Presently