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2003 On Target


  • Customer Service--Handling Demanding Calls When You're Having a Bad Day
  • Who's Linking to You?
  • Grammar Trap: Recurring vs. Reoccurring


  • Customer Service--Fast Talkers
  • Free Photos for Your Project
  • Grammar Trap: Pique vs. Peak


  • Customer Service: Voice Mail Greetings
  • If Name Calling's Required, Watch Your Latin
  • Grammar Trap: Peek vs. Peak


  • VHS Is Dying. Long Live DVD!
  • Things to Consider when You're Planning a CD (Part 1)
  • Grammar Trap: Pore vs. Pour


  • Watch Your Wording in E-Mail Subject Headers
  • Writing with the Web
  • Grammar Trap: Historical vs. Historic


  • "Is" Is a Big Word
  • More CD Planning Questions
  • Grammar Trap: Its vs. It's--Again


  • Even More CD-Planning Considerations
  • Preparing Visuals for Two-Way Videoconferencing
  • Grammar Trap: Sensuous vs. Sensual


  • Apology from the Editor
  • Why People Don't Know Us
  • HTML E-Mail Basics
  • Grammar Trap: Differ from vs. Differ with


  • Purdue Experts a Few Clicks Away
  • True Black and Gold (in Microsoft Publisher)
  • Grammar Trap: Compare to vs. Compare with


  • On Target Survey Results
  • HTML E-Mail Basics: Part 2
  • Grammar Trap: Awhile vs. A While

November / December

  • Transform Your Explanations to Get Your Messages Accepted
  • Crisis Communication 101
  • Grammar Trap: Perceptively vs. Perceptibly