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2002 On Target


  • Non-Linear Video Editing
  • Building "High Traffic" Web Sites
  • Grammar Trap: May vs. Might


  • VCR, DVD, or Both?
  • Thou Shall Not Record in Extended Play
  • Grammar Trap: Incredulous vs. Incredible


  • Web Resources on Digital Photography via Oregon State
  • Power Up Your Presentations
  • Grammar Trap: Weather vs. Whether


  • "On Target" On-Line Archive
  • Getting the Most Out of a Satellite Dish (Even if You Don't Own One)
  • Grammar Trap: Weather vs. If


  • Can I Take Your Picture?
  • When to Use GIFs and JPGs
  • Branding Purdue Extension
  • Grammar Trap: Continually vs. Continuously


  • Get the Picture: What's Legal? What's Ethical?
  • Creating Accessible Web Sites
  • Grammar Trap: Can vs. May


  • Going Digital: What to Buy When You're Ready
  • Talk to Your Audience
  • Double Trouble: An Apology
  • Grammar Trap: Prevent vs. Avoid


  • Laugh and Learn
  • Digital Images: From Camera to Computer
  • Grammar Trap: Perspective vs. Prospective


  • CD Creation Tips
  • Plan to Be Heard During a Crisis
  • Grammar Trap: Muster vs. Mustard


  • Hybrid CD Creation Tips
  • Don't Be a Mug About Mug Shots
  • Grammar Trap: Transitive vs. Intransitive Verbs

November/ December

  • The New Knowledge To Go
  • Tired of the Same Old, Same Old Colors?
  • Matching Audience, Medium & Message
  • Grammar Trap: Moral vs. Morale