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2001 On Target


  • Rewrite for the Web
  • Great Give Aways Always Get Attention
  • Grammar Trap: A vs. An


  • Fit Your Graphics Files to Your Purpose
  • Never Say "I'm Sorry" in Your Speeches
  • Grammar Trap: Advice vs. Advise


  • A great site on common errors in English
  • Graphic quality inPDFs
  • Grammar Trap: Importantly vs. Important (at the beginning of a sentence)


  • One Editor's-Eye View of Web Home Pages
  • Get a Signature AND a Smile
  • The ABCs of DVD
  • Grammar Trap: Shall vs. Will


  • IHETS Satellite Delivery vs. IHETS ATM Two-Way Videoconferencing
  • Improve Your Radio Techniques
  • Grammar Trap: Born vs. Borne


  • Photo Crunching in PowerPoint
  • Two-Way Videoconferencing: Newer, Faster, Better
  • Grammar Trap: Each Other vs. One Another


  • Hosting a Two-Way Videoconference
  • Customer Service Markets Purdue Extension
  • Grammar Trap: Toward vs. Toward


  • New Look, Feel, & Function for Our Web Version
  • Headings & How They Help
  • Participating in a Two-Way Videoconference: The Basics
  • Grammar Trap: Discrete vs. Discreet


  • Web Site Helps You Market Purdue Extension
  • Some Secrets of Search Engines
  • Grammar Trap: A Lot vs. Alot


  • E-Mail Attachments: Make Sure They're Worth It
  • With Technology, Always Have a Back-Up Plan
  • Grammar Trap: Purposely vs. Purposefully

November/ December

  • Billboards Build Recognition
  • Shopping for a Camcorder
  • Grammar Trap: All Together vs. Altogether