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2000 On Target


  • Sell Me, Don't Tell Me
  • Build a Powerful Presentation
  • Make Meetings Matter
  • Grammar Trap: Reticent vs. Hesitant


  • From the "On Target" Team
  • Deliver a Powerful Presentation
  • The Method Behind "On Target" Madness
  • Say It Like You Mean It
  • Grammar Trap: Amount of vs. Number of


  • Video for Multi-Media Use
  • More Method Behind Our Madness
  • Promote Extension Publications in PSAs
  • Grammar Trap: Honing vs. Homing (in on)


  • Coming to a Desktop Near You: Streaming Media
  • Check It Out: Guidelines Galore
  • Three Ways to Improve Photos
  • Grammar Trap: Misplaced vs. Well-Placed Modifiers


  • You're Not a Professor but You Want to Publish
  • Three...Two... One...IMPACT
  • Speaker's Kits Make for Better Meetings
  • Grammar Trap: Mute vs. Moot (Point)


  • Web Writing Resource
  • Making the Most of Our 888 Number
  • Newsletters Made Easier with Publisher
  • Grammar Trap: Capital vs. Capitol


  • Masthead Myths
  • It's the Words, Dummy!
  • Remember Your Audience (& Forget Web Bells and Whistles)
  • Grammar Trap: Stationery vs. Stationary


  • Correction: Was It Masthead or Mush-Head?
  • Building a User-Centered Web Site
  • Publisher Gets Tested on the Web
  • How Can This Sentence Be Saved?
  • Grammar Trap: Regardless vs. Irregardless


  • When Confidentiality Counts: Word Processing Programs & Confidentiality
  • Getting to Know Your Web Site's Greatest Resource -- Its Users
  • Editor or Proofreader -- What's the Difference?
  • Grammar Trap: Prefixes vs. Suffixes


  • The Early Web-Development Process
  • Speak Up on Voicemail
  • Improve Your Email
  • Grammar Trap: Childish vs. Childlike

November/ December

  • Don't Overstretch Your Digital Images
  • Perk Up Your Presentation Style
  • Eliminating PDF Font Problems
  • Grammar Trap: Percent vs. Percentage