June 2009 Special Issue
How to Use the Making a Difference Templates

So you have a template to use when you speak with your county councils. But how do you use it?

Our goal here is to explain the sections contained in the Word and Publisher templates, and provide you with some basic tips on how to use them. For more information about the content, see “What to Say in the Making a Difference Templates.”

These templates contain a document for a fictional Sample County. When you’re ready to compose your document, simply replace the text in the template with your own content.

The templates feature a few sections:

      1. Purdue Extension Highlights
      2. Areas to highlight your programs
      3. An area to provide contact information
      4. An area for “fast facts”

Purdue Extension Highlights

The text in this box contains general statements about Purdue Extension. Do not alter or remove any of this text.

Your Programs

In the template, there are three sample program highlights. In each of these areas:

  • Provide a short, one or two sentence description of a need and how your program addresses that need.
  • Provide two or three bullet points that show your program’s impact.
  • Remember, don’t try to describe every single benefit of every program you offer. Rather, focus on two or three significant points from two or three signature programs you think your county should be known for.

    When you write the headings for these program highlights, remember to:

  • Write informative, attention-grabbing headlines — avoid simply writing a program name or topic.
  • Make sure your headings contain verbs.
  • Let your heading summarize your program.

  • Contact Information

    Provide the names and contact information for key personnel in your office. Presenting this information is an invitation to decision makers to contact you to talk more about your programs.

    Fast Facts

    The fast facts are a pair of bullet points next to the contact information. This information is optional. It can contain broader statistics about Purdue Extension in your county, such as how many programs you conducted, how many people you reached, and so on. Although such numbers can be compelling, limit yourself to no more than two statistics here (your space is limited).

    Using the Templates

    If you have used the Word or Publisher templates from the Purdue Extension Communication Survival Guide site, this template’s features will be familiar to you. These templates also come with built-in styles for the body copy and headings.

    When you compose this document, please use these styles. In other words, do not change the font types or colors unless you don’t have them on your computer. And don’t change the type size — remember, you need to keep the word count for all of your programs to about 250 words or less.

    Download a Word .doc version of the template.

    Download a Word .docx version of the template.

    Download a Publisher version of the template.