June 2009 Special Issue
Editing Help Will Be Available

Purdue Agricultural Communication editors will offer assistance with your Making a Difference documents.

Editors will read through each document, edit it for impact and format, and note if it lacks impact or other crucial details.

Counties that want to participate must submit their documents to Teresa Rogers no later than Wednesday, July 15. Documents received after this date cannot be edited. You can expect to receive feedback on your documents by Friday, July 24.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Complete your document using the template.
  2. Save your document as a PDF file.
  3. E-mail your PDF file to Teresa Rogers.

After the edited file is returned to you, consider the feedback, and use the comments to strengthen your document.

Download a Word .doc version of the template.

Download a Word .docx version of the template.

Download a Publisher version of the template.