December 2007 Vol. 12 Issue 4
Who should you call, AgComm or AgIT?

If you wanted to make a change to your Web site or set up an IP video event, do you know who to call?

If you have a question like this, it might be confusing to figure out who to call for an answer. The support provided by Agricultural Communication (AgComm) and Agriculture Information Technology (AgIT) can sometimes overlap, so it helps to know which department does what. Here’s a short guide to help clarify some of the specific services these departments provide.


AgComm primarily serves Purdue Agriculture and Purdue Extension campus specialists. If you want to create a numbered Purdue Extension publication (a bulletin, book, DVD, or anything else), contact your Extension coordinator first.

These are the services that AgComm provide to Purdue Extension staff around the state:

News and Public Affairs

AgComm produces news releases and a calendar of Purdue Extension workshops, conferences, and events that involve more than one county.

To provide calendar information, contact Beth Forbes — or (765) 494-2722.


AgComm is responsible for anything related to the look of Purdue Agriculture or Purdue Extension. This includes developing guidelines for when and how to use these identities. However, AgComm is not the identity police and cannot check every item produced by all the Educators and Specialists around the state.

The Purdue Extension Style Guide that AgComm created should answer most of your branding questions.


AgComm created the many templates for Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, and Outlook that appear on the Communication Survival Guide. If you have a question about how one of these templates work or a problem getting it to work, you should contact AgComm. However, AgComm can’t proofread or edit the content you put into these templates.

If you have a question about or problem with one of the templates, contact Kevin Leigh Smith — or (765) 494-9558.

IP Video

AgComm facilitates IP video events presented as trainings and educational events for external audiences. We do not coordinate meetings between staff members or others.

AgComm will:

  • Handle all scheduling including room, sign-up, and streaming and recording
  • Work with the presenter
  • Provide tips on PowerPoint presentations
  • Handle logistics on the day of the event
  • Train the presenter as needed

If you need any of these things, contact or go to the CES Intranet, select “IP Video” on the left sidebar, then select the “Create a New Event” link.

AgIT provides technical support for IP video (see below). Not sure what the differences are between AgComm and AgIT? What you need to remember is that when it comes to scheduling or content, contact AgComm. When it comes to equipment or technical support, contact AgIT.


The AgIT Call Center fields all questions about the computing areas they serve. If you have a question about any of the services described below, contact the AgIT Call Center at:

More information about AgIT’s services is available at

These are some of the services AgIT can provide to Purdue Extension staff:

Computer and Software Support

AgIT supports every aspect of standard leased computers and the standard suite of supported software. This includes:

  • Procurement of the device
  • Installation and set up
  • Updates and patches to the operating system and software
  • In-warranty repair
  • Ongoing support through the AgIT Call Center

Remember, AgIT supports only leased computers and the standard software suite. They cannot provide support for non-leased computers or software outside the standard suite.

If you have any questions about support, contact the AgIT’s Call Center.

County Web Pages

AgIT developed and supports the county Web template application. That application manages all the top-level pages of county Web sites. AgIT can help you use the Web template application. 

However, AgIT cannot provide support for developing Web pages outside of what is provided within the template application — for example, if you use Microsoft FrontPage or another Web editor.

Because of finite resources, AgIT focuses its training resources on topics specific to Purdue Agriculture and Purdue Extension that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

If you have any questions about the county Web template, contact the AgIT’s Call Center.

IP Video

AgIT provides technical support for IP video conferencing. AgIT will:

  • Identify supported device models
  • Install and set up supported devices
  • Troubleshoot connectivity problems
  • Provide support for video bridging services


All Purdue e-mail services (all addresses) are now managed by Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP). If you have a problem with your Purdue e-mail address, your first contact should be the AgIT Call Center. AgIT will work closely with ITaP to resolve e-mail issues when they arise.

AgIT also assists in creating e-mail distribution lists using the ITaP “Mailman” list services. Once lists are created, the departmental owners take over their management. Contacting list owners is the best way to quickly answer questions that arise concerning the lists and list membership.

Ginny Quesada,
Pat Smoker (AgIT),

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