June 2007 Vol. 12 Issue 2
Postcard, notecard, nametag, and memo Purdue Extension templates now available

There are 13 new Purdue Extension templates for Word and Publisher now available on the Communication Survival Guide Web site:

There are new templates for:

  • Small postcards (four per page)
  • Oversized postcards (two per page)
  • Thank you cards
  • Nametags
  • Memos

The four postcard templates were the most requested item from staff around the state. The postcard templates are for Publisher and come in full color and black only versions. Like all other templates on the site, the postcards include the appropriate Purdue Extension branding and identity.

Don’t forget the instructions

When you open any of these new templates, be sure to zoom out first. There are important notes on the sides of the page that you might not see when you open the file. These notes contain advice about changing the content, using mail merges to create multiple copies, and printing on both sides of the page.

The three thank you card templates for Publisher are updated versions of templates that were created a few years ago. There are full color and black only versions of a single page card, and a full color version of a template suitable for printing on cardstock. Don’t forget, you don’t have to use this template just for a thank you card. Feel free to use it for an invitation, greeting, or any other use.

There are four nametag templates, two each for Word and Publisher. If you have a list of names in a spreadsheet, use the Publisher versions that are set up for a mail merge. If you want to enter each name manually, use the Word versions. All nametag templates are set up to print on Avery #5095 labels.

Finally, there are two memo templates for Word (one in color, one in black only). This template should not replace the standard Purdue Extension letterhead you use for official correspondence, but it offers a handy way to send out memos incorporating the Purdue Extension identity.

Thanks to our testers

A special thanks to all who helped test these templates, including Loretta Byrne, Brandy Cavanagh, Glenda Deford, Kelly Easterday, Brenda Shireman, and Brenda Stinson.

To report problems with, or to make suggestions for future Purdue Extension templates, contact Kevin Leigh Smith at kevlsmith@purdue.edu.

Kevin Leigh Smith, kevlsmith@purdue.edu

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