Tom Turpin
Professor of
Purdue University







A Buzzing Christmas

Christmas comes ‘round but once a year,
A happy season with friends drawing near,
But a great joy of Christmas, some fogey might say,
Is that the insects of summer have all gone away.
But what if those pests would just happen to stay
And share the good tidings of our Christmas Day?

Would picnic beetles so lively and quick
Fall from the skies in place of St. Nick?
Would the yuletide dinner not seem quite right
In the presence of mosquitoes that buzz and that bite?
And a Christmas hot toddy could provide a REAL sting
If to it a stray yellow jacket would wing.

Of course, tasty egg nog with nutmeg suspended
Would cover up gnats unintentionally upended.
The sweetness of punch, not to mention the candy
Would certainly attract ants and come in quite handy
For these insects to carry as they march underground
To their nest where their larvae can always be found.

A ladybug ornament, a fine decoration,
May just brighten up any yule celebration,
But how disconcerting it certainly would be
To find real, live insects chewing the tree!
Not to mention webworms on wreaths filled with snow,
Or beetles and loopers throughout mistletoe.

So when carols are finished and Christmas is done,
Look back and count all your blessings – each one.
Reflect on the times and the season so great
And holiday magic we all celebrate.
“Tis indeed a season of good will and great cheer,
For not even one bug did dare interfere!


Writer: Tom Turpin
Editor: Olivia Maddox