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Q. I wish to know what can be done to help my lily-of-the-valley. It does not flourish as most do, and I don't have a clue what would help.

A. Lily-of-the-valley is more frequently perceived as a bit of a garden thug, due to its aggressive spreading nature in shady, moist, rich, well-drained gardens. However, it is not particularly tolerant of intense heat or compacted, dry soil. The extreme heat and drought experienced throughout the state in 2012 likely caused considerable scorch and possible dieback. If your plants have failed to flourish for a number of years prior to 2012, then you might consider transplanting them to a shadier spot. Amending the soil with organic matter such as compost will help provide better soil drainage, as well as improve water and nutrient retention. Let's hope for better growing conditions in the coming year!

Lily of the Valley
Aggressive colony of lily-of-the-valley (photo courtesy Michael N. Dana, Purdue Horticulture & Landscape Architecture)
lily of the valley in bloom
Lily-of-the-valley in bloom (photo courtesy Michael N. Dana, Purdue Horticulture & Landscape Architecture)












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