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The Science of Nutrition (Grades 6-8)

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This zipTrip features Purdue scientists researching nutrition topics such calcium consumption and snacking habits, physical activity, and environmental concepts that impact kids' health. The United State Department of Agriculture's MyPlate recommendations for healthy eating and exercise are also incorporated into this zipTrip. Get your students thinking about health and nutrition topics, science, and science careers, influencing their everyday lives now and in to the future.

Program includes:

Purdue zipTrips scientists demonstrate ‘The Nature of Science’ and ‘Design Process’ concepts based on the 2010 Indiana Academic Standards for grades 6-8.


  • A, Science as Inquiry
  • C, Life Science
  • F, Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
  • G, History and Nature of Science

This program supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards for adolescent and school health for Grades 6-8.

1.8.1 Analyze the relationship between healthy behaviors and personal health.
1.8.3 Analyze how the environment affects personal health.
1.8.7 Describe the benefits of and barriers to practicing healthy behaviors.
2.8.7 Explain how the perceptions of norms influence healthy and unhealthy behaviors.
5.8.6 Choose healthy alternatives over unhealthy alternatives when making a decision.
5.8.7 Analyze the outcomes of a health-related decision.